Like a Business Development Superstore for your High Technology Group
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ADSC Enterprise Grade Lead Demand Generation Services

Reach decision makers at a deep BANT (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe) as they relate it to us, & power rapid alignment with your solution.

Don’t just wait for prospects to come to you someday… Maybe…

We can help you & your team to find a large number of net new serious opportunities for your complex solutions. So, you can compress your sell cycle & get down cycle fast, with some assistance from ADSC. Call now for a free half hour consultation at

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Access your corporate data & create beautiful Business Intelligence & Web Applications on the Web.

Securely share, collaborate & know…

ADSC is the Scriptcase Partner for Canada. Scriptcase is a strong Business Intelligence & Web Application Code Generator platform used by thousands of users in over 140 countries globally that can supercharge & empower your web applications. Access corporate data securely on the web. ADSC can provide licenses/ development/training.

Let our world class Scriptcase consultants help you to create serious custom applications securely on the Web in Scriptcase.

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ADSC Lighthouse

A product by Applied Direct Services Corporation to power your website with natural language with an AI core. Automatically discuss with your customers, intelligently on the Web.

Like a brain for your business. Like what could be your consultant on the web.

ADSC Lighthouse can power such things as Intelligent Document Completion, Online Consultations, Online Training, Online Testing and more…

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Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic – Know Virtually No Limits To Your Marketing Campaigns!

Get past prospect limits with the help of ADSC. Get past integration limits for your corporate data. Create beautiful landing pages & forms with ADSC Lighthouse & Scriptcase. Or let our team help you to do so. Power your Sell Cycles.

Your world doesn’t stop at just a few thousand prospects, & neither should your Marketing Automation.

ADSC can help you to integrate Mautic Marketing Automation with most common Enterprise Applications. With Mautic the sky’s the limit…

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About ADSC

You Can Compress Your Sell Cycle & Get Down Cycle Fast!

Company Overview:


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and specialized to the North American high-technology, professional services and complex products markets Applied Direct Services Corporation (ADSC) is a Sales Process Optimization Specialist group. ADSC provides outsourced sales and marketing communications and supporting ancillary services to facilitate new and expanding sales efforts. We are active in enterprise wide, hyper-competitive environments and operational throughout North America, and elsewhere in the world. Our personnel operate exclusively from North America. Services Offered:

ADSC provides an array of services to help supercharge & power the selling of High Technology Industry companies. We are like the equivalent of a Business Development superstore for such groups.

SWIFTSEL - ADSC can provide well-tailored and scalable sales and marketing support & provides many ways to help High Technology companies to sell online, offline & otherwise. Our field-hardened/field-tested SwiftSel methodologies can assist you in projects from serious commercial grade sales lead generation to a fully integrated program of analytical and production services designed to amplify and extend the power of sales and marketing forces.

ADSC ENTERPRISE GRADE LEAD DEMAND GENERATION SERVICES - ADSC is also a pure outbound, exclusively B2B, and enterprise-grade outsource provider of lead generation provisioning, and other sell cycle assistance products and services. Our capabilities span a variety of other core service modules, and sell cycle assistance technologies. ADSC provides the means to potentially enhance and better enable the complex hyper-competitive sales cycles, of it's clients, through the offerings of it's three main divisions.

ADSC LIGHTHOUSE - ADSC has spent years developing ADSC Lighthouse which is a dynamic natural language capability on the Web with an AI core. With it you can sell on the Web with the equivalent of a consultant on the Web. It can also be used for Intelligent Document Completion. Online Training & Online Testing. And, ADSC Lighthouse can also enable full-scale advisory systems to help guide people through complex business processes. As questions dynamically come to the fore they can include any media & therefore virtually anything that you can do in HTML 5.

SCRIPTCASE - ADSC has now also become the Scriptcase Partner for Canada, as this is a strong compliment to our ADSC Lighthouse platform. Scriptcase is used by many thousands of developers in over 140 countries globally & is growing in use by over 40% per annum. Scriptcase is a powerful & relatively easy-to-learn Business Intelligence & Web Application Code Generation Platform.

MAUTIC MARKETING AUTOMATION - ADSC also provides Mautic Marketing Automation which is the world’s first Open Source Marketing Automation. Unlike more proprietary options, there are no limits to the number of prospects that you can have without exorbitant costs. And ADSC can provide strong integration services for many Enterprise application to allow you to get past some of the limitations of some other marketing automation platforms.

ADSC Market Discovery Services – ADSC provides a band of different services to help High Technology companies to both assess & test their marketing plans. The strong experience sets in our SwiftSel Methodologies that have powered an estimated 80,000 Enterprise Grade High Technology Industry sales leads worldwide & several billions of dollars of sales are a strong basis for this. This is based on field-hardened experience that can be quite valuable. We also utilize a combination of machine learning algorithms, AI & forward seeking quality circles with real-world actual decision makers to test any assumptions made.

So when we say that at ADSC we have many ways that can help you to sell these are just some brief descriptions of what we mean.

For more info please call now for a no obligation half hour consultation at:

(416) 362-1963